Lead Snap Marketing offers our clients Turn-Key Solutions that include all the necessary tools to help you do what you do best, CLOSE LOANS!

Our Mailers will bring you the warmest possible leads available. By customizing your data to fit your specific needs and choosing the right method to sustain your inbound calls, you will be assured to yield the highest possible results.

Start Sending Mail Today!


  • How many pieces should I mail?
  • How do I sustain my inbound calls?
  • What kind of mail piece should I use?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How many calls can I expect?
  • What will my Return On Investment be?
This is where Lead Snap Marketing comes in. We understand that the productivity in your office depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Lead Snap Marketing emerged from the mortgage business so we recognize and understand your industry. We have developed statistical models to pinpoint a homeowner’s credit situation with an extremely high degree of accuracy at a very low cost. Our goal is to reduce the cost of direct marketing while increasing productivity for our clients. Let our experience increase your rate of return.

Turn Key Solution

We provide you with all the tools you will need from the setup of your mailer piece to the routing of your toll free numbers.

We know the mortgage industry, we know mailers.

We monitor your results and strive to increase your return rate from one campaign to the next.

Tested & Proven – Mortgage Sales Letters

Our clients consistently have a rate of return of between 2.5% – 4.5%

Highest Retention Rate of clients in the industry

On Target & Qualified

We build a targeted search using your filters including locations, credit, classification, LTV, lenders, mortgage balance, and much more.