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Loan Age Loan Goal Area Code State Credit Rating Property Type Property Value Loan Amount Interest Rate
New Lower Rate 757 VA Good Single Family $440,000.00 $167,500.00 5.00%
New Purchase 808 HI Good Condo $255,000.00 $152,500.00 5.00%
New Debt Consolidation 815 IL Good Single Family $550,000.00 $187,500.00 6.00%
New Cash Out 936 TX Good Single Family $250,000.00 $160,000.00 5.00%
New Cash Out 805 CA Excellent Townhouse $462,500.00 $260,000.00 6.00%
New Lower Rate 757 VA Good Multi Family $550,000.00 $325,000.00 6.00%


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