Real Time Internet Mortgage Leads

Our Exclusive & Semi Exclusive Real Time Leads are Generated using the Highest Quality Search Engine Optimization Techniques which ensures our clients the Highest Quality leads. We currently provide Real Time Internet Mortgage Leads nationwide. Some of our more popular states include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, North Carolina, Florida and California.

Aged Internet Mortgage Leads

Our Aged Internet Mortgage leads provide the same Quality as our Real Time Internet Leads at a lower price point. These leads are available after the 2 days exclusive period has expired. Because leads come through our system with ever changing demands that might not meet our existing customer’s filters, quality and viable leads can be left unsold. This does not diminish the consumer’s needs, in fact, just the opposite; the consumer is anxiously waiting to discuss their needs with a qualified broker. Save overhead with low prices while receiving great quality leads. LSM provides Aged Mortgage Leads for 48 states – some of the more popular states being California, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Texas, North Carolina and New York. Click here for more information & pricing.

Live Transfer Campaigns

Potential borrowers are contacted through outbound telemarketing from our US-based call center and qualified using a script that has been customized to fit your needs. Once it’s been determined that the borrowers qualify to speak with a mortgage loan officer, the call center representative transfers the warm lead right to the loan officer in a very precise and professional manner. This process helps connect people who have expressed interest via online applications, inbound mail, radio, and TV advertisements to loan officers in an extremely smooth transition. Click here for more information & pricing.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Lead Snap Marketing offers our clients Turn-Key Solutions that include all the necessary tools to help our clients do what they do best, CLOSE LOANS!

Our Mailers will bring you the warmest possible leads available. By customizing your data to fit your specific needs and choosing the right method to sustain your inbound calls, you will be assured to
yield the highest possible results.

Press “One” Campaigns

Press “One” Campaigns has become one of the hottest marketing and sales tools because of the ability to reach more people in less time. A Standard Campaign is where our phone system dials from a list of numbers we provide according to your targeted desire and plays one standard message either to an individual, allowing them to press one to be connected to your Sales floor or leaves your
customized pre-recorded message on their answering machine.

How it Works: – It’s Simple! Typically when a business utilizes our Press “One” Campaigns they also authorize our marketing team to leave a message on prospects answering machines or on their virtual voice-mail systems if a person does not answer the telephone. No person is required to speak with the automated marketing system. The prospect simply listens to the message and then receives the option of pressing one to be connected live to someone on your sales team.

During the call the customer hears a message like: “To speak with a live person now, press 1.” It’s a very effective sales tool for lead generation, because if the prospect presses 1, they are usually interested. Consumers like being in control and these live transfer campaigns offer them the ability to make a choice. With Press “One” Campaigns, we are able to provide these prospects with instant access to a sales representative. These live transfer leads provide your customers the ability to respond to your advertisement instantly, with the push of a button.

This voice broadcasting service has been proven to increase effectiveness of lead generation campaigns as much as 138%. And getting started is a breeze. Voice broadcasting has been popular when used by the following industries: mortgage brokers, loan modification companies, debt settlement firms, debt consolidation companies, healthcare and insurance sales.

Consumer & Direct Response Advertising

Focusing your targeted created message across multiple platforms we use an approach that integrates new media campaigns and traditional advertising, including:

PRINT – In many markets, the Daily newspaper is still the one place where your message can be seen by the greatest percentage of the populace all at once. We deliver strong visual presentations of your message to assure more of those “eyeballs” will stop at your message. There are also magazines.

RADIO & TELEVISION – Strong creativity helps create awareness for your brand, helping all your other media to be more successful. Making the right buys at the right rates in the right markets with effective creativity can also deliver quality, direct response leads to your call centers. Whether using the preferred approach of hitting a market with combined radio and TV; or using one or the other, we take pride in assuring our clients outperform the market. We do so by maintaining excellence in both creativity and media buying, and integrating both the message and the demographic reach with all traditional and new media approaches being utilized.

Web site Implementation & Hosting

Let the Lead Snap Marketing experts help you develop and build your Web site from the ground up.

Website Search Engine Optimization

Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site. We start every SEO project with questions about your market, customers and competition, to ensure that we devise the best and most effective plan possible for your online marketing campaign.